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A Search for Rad Online Storytelling Sites

These are angry birds

In the midst of exploring AV material from the American Archive Pilot Project, I have been surfing the wave of online storytelling platforms and sites. I am going to keep here a list of my findings, as two weeks in I’ve already lost track of some superb ones. 


New journalism

  • On and on beautiful design and layout at
  • Sarah Kramer’s NY Times Free and Easy: The First Year Out
  • Overwhelming but, as Jack said, “Journalism is headed in this direction, where radio/tv and newspapers borrow heavily from each other to fully present the story,” as seen at Snow Fall
  • Passing Stranger
    • Tell the story through a simple map of Champaign, on old maps through University Archives (must pay?) or PACA or Urbana Free Library 
    • Use still and moving images of present and past Champaign
    • Music?

Simple yet amazing 

  • Cowbird that has nothing to do with my project, but I’m excited to dive into it this weekend
  • Passed on from Jack Brighton: Farewell to Bosnia – just HTML! 

Rules for myself:

  • KISS
  • Keep it local
  • Focus on a person or a event to tell the story