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Blogs That Inspire (Me)

The Kid Should See This

Wow, it’s only been three years since a post! Let’s move into it.

Like we all do for inspiration, I read a lot of blogs that impact what I do in my wonderful library in Midtown Sacramento. To refresh for the new year, and to inspire some who need it, here are some of the blogs I find myself coming back to again and again for hands-on activities, new books, and golden ideas to keep our school library brimming with excitement. All the World

All the Wonders, my goodness what a great site! I just discovered this one today. This site is perfect for media specialists like myself – podcasts, videos, and crafts, all centered on picture books. As the good ladies and gents on the website say (and which I believe), “great books deserve a life beyond the shelf,” which is why they’ve enlisted not just librarians, but writers, illustrators, filmmakers, and musicians to name a few.

I really don’t use The Kids Should See This enough. A couple years ago it inspired me to start my own curated blog on cool stuff for kids. Alas, it’s now defunct! But, this site is awesome, and something I’d like to incorporate into library time for grades 3rd and up on reg.

The lady behind TinkerLab is extremely social media-savvy and her Facebook feed has been a jumping off point for a lot of activities I’ve done in my library this year. While these hands-on activities focus on little guys, I adapt them to use with grades up through third.

Let’s start with three and bring in more in a couple weeks. Who wants to be overloaded with ideas and projects to start? (Oh wait, I do.)